My name is Tim Harding, my passion, simple…..guitar music. I have played since I was 16 years old on both electric and acoustic. Over the years I have leaned back and forth and currently find myself in equal roles. My acoustic CD that I recorded with Aaron at Spiral Sound was a blast to record. I not only got a top shelf project, but I gained a great friend in Aaron. Even today as I listen to the CD in my car I still think of it’s relevance in my life. Wanting to make a mellow and somewhat thematic project being completely instrumental I turned mostly to alternate acoustic tunings along with multiple capos. I really enjoy sitting down with a good acoustic guitar and a few capos and see where I land as time slips by. All of the songs have a story behind them as well as the title “Then One Day” It seems that everything new starts that way if we perceive it. My journey of pplaying is on a constant road to travel. I look forward to what else may come out of my mind and fingers for both electric and acoustic. So if you are reading this, take a listen and see what you think. Kudos to Aaron for he does and how he handles himself!!